SMT01A01 1U Solar Simulator

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A calibrated light source capable of illuminating a square object of 12×12 cm2 (e.g., one or two adjacent faces of a 1U CubeSat) at different angles of incidence with nearly uniform spatial distribution.

Power density can be set either equal to direct sunlight on the Earth’s surface (so-called AM1) or outside the atmosphere (so-called AM0) or other selectable illuminations.

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The main applications are the thermal and electrical testing of nanosatellites (CubeSat in primis), solar cells, small solar thermal demonstration plants or for didactic experiments of thermology or physics.
The light spectrum emitted by a SMT01A01-V2 – 1U Light Source is not identical to that of the sun and its color temperature is lower but SMT01A01-V2 – 1U Light Source is calibrated in production to generate light intensity to compensate for differences and produce equivalent effects to sunlight (both on the ground surface – AM1 – and outside the atmosphere – AM0) for the following measures:
Thermal effects on black, white or colored surfaces;
Photoelectric effects in different types of solar (single and triple junction, Si and GaAs);
The SMT01A01-V2 – 1U Light Source is predisposed for irradiation of various standard objects, including different sizes of CubeSat, different solar cell cuts, and other 10x10x10 cm3 multiple objects with one of the SMT11 – Stands.
Two or more SMT01A01-V2 – 1U Light Source can be stacked or packaged to light up 2U CubeSat, 3U CubeSat, 6U CubeSat, 12U CubeSat or comparable size objects (approximately multiple 10x10x10 cm3).
When a lamp is consumed or broken, it may be replaced by a 1C6412 pre-calibrated lamp, which allows you to maintain an appropriate calibration level for all the functions provided.
The SMT01A01-V2 – 1U Light Source needs a High Power DC12V Power Supply and a CAN User Interface for control.

Suggested configurations:

Modular. Either:

With up to six sensors:

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